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Gratitude Journal.

Spiritual seekers name Gratitude as one of the qualities which raise our vibration and bring us closer to Enlightenment.

I like that idea.  However, today, in this article, I am writing about gratitude as a modest but helpful way to boost our energy and self-esteem.

No matter what life has handed us, gratitude helps us to feel warm, positive and hopeful.  When it comes from others, we feel appreciated and supported.  When we give it to ourselves, we feel worthy, encouraged and whole.  Remembering to focus on gratitude is a simple and uplifting practice that helps us to appreciate who we are and also helps to build our self-esteem. Read more

I am not a failure!

Finding Your Divorce Affirmation

At some point, almost every woman who goes through a divorce says, “I feel like a failure.” Self-doubt is a common reaction to divorce. This self-doubt occurs more often in women than it does in men. This is true even though after age 40, more women than men initiate divorces.

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